Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.

Nantucket Dog Walk


Double-Dip Walks

If you are longing for a substantial hike, but can’t get to the White Mountains right away, try doubling up on some of Nantucket’s own trails. Below are some spots that, when paired, create a longer walk. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like you’re going to need a back pack or a change of socks. But you will get the opportunity to log in a few more miles on those days when you and your dog just need to blow off some extra steam.

Millbrook and Gardner Farm: At the end of the Millbrook trail (after you’ve passed the mysterious blue box and continued on the straight path at the end of the loop), you come upon a a dirt road. Cross over this road to a small (but clear) path through a copse of pines. This path leads you to the Gardner Farm trails.

State Forest (Polpis Version) and Milestone Loop: Start out at the Polpis State Forest. About 1/4 mile in on your right, you will see a trail marker arrow. Take this to hook up with the Milestone Loop. After enjoying these paths, head back to the straight and narrow Polpis trail, follow it to its end, turn around and go back the way you came in.

Serengeti and Milestone Bogs: As you start out on the Serengeti trail, stay to the right and follow a rutted grassy road down the hill. This leads you to Larsen Road, which runs along the bogs. It’s best to start at the Serengeti, as there is ample parking there. Please see this map.

Holdgate Trails and Milestone Loop: About mid-way through the Holdgate Trails loop, there is a small path with a marker that leads to the Milestone Bike Path. Cross the Milestone Road here and go directly to the parking lot for the Milestone Loop trail. Milestone Road is a busy road, so leash up! Look at numbers 8 and 9 on this map.

Squam Farm and Squam Swamp (no dogs allowed at Squam Swamp). If you find you are dogless for the day, head to Squam Swamp. About mid-way through this loop walk, at trail marker 38, a small path leads over a grassy field to hook up with the Squam Farm walk. See this map for the connector.

Sanford Farm and Sanford Farm West: OK, to be honest, you need to walk along the Madaket bike path, heading west from Sanford Farm, in order to connect these two, but it’s not impossible.

Sanford Farm West and Barrett Farm Road Trails: If you go to the right from the parking lot of the Sanford Farm West walk, and follow this trail to its end, you come to Barrett Farm Road. Head left onto Barrett Farm Road and follow this dirt road until you come to “Proprietor’s Way,” which will be your 2nd left (and is not marked). Follow this dirt road as it bears right, and you will see the parking lot for the Barrett Farm Road/Long Pond trails on your left. Take any of these paths and walk to your (and your dog’s) heart’s content. See number 4 and 5 on this map for a little help.

Bluff Walk and Historic Sconset Walk: The Historic ‘Sconset Walk begins and ends at the ‘Sconset Market. Front Street, which begins the Bluff Walk, is probably 20 yards from the ‘Sconset Market.