Nantucket Dog Walk

Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.


Maxcy Pond

Nantucket Land Bank Property

Dirt Road and Pond

Few dogs

All shade

0-10 minutes

OK, so this is not technically a dog “walk.” But it is a sweet little park and a great place for your dog to get a little swim in during the hot months of summer.

Nestled in the crook between Madaket Road and Cliff, this pond and park is a Nantucket Land Bank property and the site of the “Founders Burial Ground,” and includes a memorial to some of the first European male settlers.

Take Cliff Road leaving town and follow it until you pass Crooked Lane on your left. Go about .45 miles and on your left you will see a small dirt road. It’s easy to miss, so slow down a bit. Take this left and either park right here or drive in to the park.

The cemetery is to the left as you drive on the dirt road and the park with a few picnic tables by the pond is to the right, a little bit further down. Explore the cemetery, then walk to the pond and let your dog take a dip. The easiest access to the pond is right in the parking lot. Other access is a little obstructed with reeds.

This could also be a place to let your dog swim after a long play date at Tupancy, which is just up the road a bit.

Leash Alert: As this park it close to Cliff Road, be sure to keep your dogs on a leash for the duration.