Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.

Nantucket Dog Walk


Miacomet Beach Loop

Nantucket Land Bank and Town Property

Path, dirt road, beach

No shade

Some dogs

30 minute walk

From Surfside Road, take Bartlett Road to the very end and turn right onto Raceway Drive. Take a left onto Somerset Road at the four-way intersection, following it until you get to the last left before the road dead-ends. Take that left and then a quick right. Follow Somerset Road and bear slightly right at the fork. Look for the parking lot on your left. Park here. See the Google Earth map below (the green arrow indicates the parking lot).

This is a great auxiliary walk on a weekend afternoon. It’s only about a 30 minute walk, longer if you stop and walk on the beach for a while. Also, it’s best in the winter, since some of the walk is on dirt beach roads that may be heavily traveled in the summer.

For this walk you are basically walking a loop over Somerset Road and then back on West Miacomet Road.

Leash Alert: You are on a road for a lot of this walk, and even in the winter you may encounter a car. If your dog doesn’t have perfect recall, it’s best to leash up once you get to the road portion of this walk.

Once you leave the parking lot, follow the very short and clear path that heads straight to Somerset Road (narrow and dirt). Take a right and follow this along until you come to one of 3 beach paths. Head over the dunes for a romp in the sand between Ladies and Miacomet Beaches. Once back on the road (now West Miacomet), just keep heading left, until you come back to Somerset Road and take a right back to the parking lot trail. Take a right onto the path where you began, which will bring you back to your car.