Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.

Nantucket Dog Walk


Nantucket Land Bank Property

Foresty trails and meadows

Few dogs

3/4 shade

1.45 miles, main loop

30 minute walk

To download the Land Bank map to this walk, click here.

Take Milestone Road out of town. About 1/4 of a mile after you pass Polpis Road on your left, start looking for a Land Bank marker also on your left. It will be by a rock with a 44 on it. It looks like it is someone’s driveway, but the Land Bank Parking lot is in there too, to the left of the driveway. (There is a cobblestone apron to this driveway).

This is a sweet little walk that is a good shady pick for sunny hot days. The trails are very well marked, and if you know your way around, you can even hook up to the State Forest (Polpis Version) walk. As of 2017, new paths have been cut that link this walk to the Girl Scout camp that is off of Polpis Road. Makes for a nice add on.

Head out on the straight path and soon after you have passed the Polpis water tower road, you will have a choice to go right or left. At this point it is a loop, so either way will bring you back to your car.

You will mostly be walking along nice wooded trails. There is a section that brings you out to a mowed meadow, then back into the woods you go.

Leash Alerts: If you have a dog who might dart out at the sight of a deer or rabbit, you might want to consider leashing up in the beginning: the path is close to the Milestone Road, which has an official speed limit of about 50 mph and is heavily traveled.

Note as of November 2015: The sheep that sometimes graze here have left.

Milestone Loop