Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.

Nantucket Dog Walk


Mill Hill Park/Dead Horse Valley

Town Property

Grassy Paths

Some Dogs

Shade Aplenty

Snuggled between Vesper Lane and Prospect Street, this small in-town park area has a lot to offer you and your dog.

Leash Alert: For most, this will be a leash-only walk. Bordered as it is on all sides by roadways, only well-behaved dogs should be allowed to roam freely here.

To get to the park, take Pleasant Street heading out of town. Take a right onto South Mill Street. Try and park by the mill, as there isn’t a lot of parking by the park itself. Cross over Prospect Street into the park.

Once in Mill Hill Park bear left and meander along the many well-marked, grassy trails.

Follow the path down to a dirt road where you can see the back of Nantucket Cottage Hospital to your left, and the “Colored Cemetery” to your right. Head in to the cemetery and wander through the tombstones, most dating back to the mid-1800’s.

If you follow this dirt road, there will be a few rights you can take. One will lead you to Dead Horse Valley, the prime sledding area in the winter. There are more paths to walk in this area. One will lead to the west edge of the Park, which is bordered by St. Mary’s cemetery. Or you can turn around here and go back taking different trails. It’s a small park, so don’t worry about getting lost.