Nantucket Dog Walk

Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.



Land Bank and other Conservation Property

Meadows and Shady Forest

Some dogs

Lots of shade

35 minute walk

To get a visual of where this is, go to the Land Bank map here and look above the Gardner Farm trail.

Though somewhat hidden from view, this walk is pretty popular. There are joggers, some bikers, and I’d say at least one or two other dogs on this trail nine times out of ten. If you’d rather not run into people or other dogs (usually off leash), I’d avoid this walk. Otherwise, it’s a great find!

The starting point to this walk is off of Millbrook Road, which is a road that runs between Madaket Road and Hummock Pond Road. I will tell you how to get there from Madaket Road, as the road is a little better from there.

Take Madaket Road heading out of town. Look for Millbrook Road on your left about a half a mile or so after you have passed Crooked Lane on your right. There is a large boulder with the street name on it. Drive down Millbrook, which will be paved at this point. When you come to mailbox number 78, take a left. Follow this bumpy road until you come to a Land Bank parking lot on your right. Park here.

From the parking lot, follow the very well-traveled trail through woods and meadows. It is a loop trail, so at the first fork you can go either right or left. There are now handy signs with arrows to help you navigate. If you choose left, then continually take rights the rest of the way to be sure you loop back around. (Some of the other paths will lead you into people’s yards.) If you bear right at the first fork, you will start gradually looping left. Continue to take lefts if you want to eventually head back to the trail that leads to the parking lot.

Both trails will lead you along Hummock Pond on part of the walk.

Leash Alert: During some years in the summer months, Hummock Pond had some algae issues, issues that are hazardous to dogs. Be cautious of letting your dog drink from the pond.

If you want a longer walk than the loop, there is a small path that connects Millbrook to the Gardner Farm walk (described here). Mid-loop you will come upon a strange but helpful marker: a blue metal box. What is it? Is it a mailbox? A bank? Nobody seems to know. Regardless of what it actually is,  when you come to it instead of continuing with the loop, take the off-shoot path. (If you are at this point facing the front of said blue box, take a right. If you are facing the back, take a left.) Follow this path until you come to a dirt road. Cross over it onto a small grass path through a little wood and you will be on the other walk.

One thing to be wary of on this walk is low-lying Hawthorne trees. The thorns on these trees are about an inch or two long and very sharp. In some places, they are very close to the path and most conveniently at eye-level!

The mysterious blue metal box.

The dreaded thorns.