Nantucket Dog Walk

Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.


Nantucket Land Bank Property

Mowed paths, dirt trails, dirt road

Some dogs

Half shade

Main loop to the pond parking lot and back: 1.7 miles

This trail is #7 on the Land Bank trail map—Miacomet Pond Trail. To download their map, go here.

Take Surfside Road heading out of town and take a right onto Bartlett Road. Take a left onto Mizzenmast and follow this road almost to the end where you will see a Nantucket Land Bank Marker and medium-sized parking lot. Park here.

This walk gives you the option of a shorter loop path or a longer march to the beach.

The trail starts directly across the street from the parking lot. It is well traveled, so there is no getting lost. It is basically a loop trail, until you get to the end where you have the option of continuing on a dirt road to Miacomet Beach. Along the path, there are several choices you can make to go right or left, but no worries, they all end up at the same place in the end. Try a new turn each time you take the walk and you will see it’s all of a piece.

I usually take a right at the first intersection, but since it’s a loop, either way will work. If you go right, you will be walking along Miacomet Golf Course. It’s a fairly open trail here along some meadow. As you start to go into the forest, be on the lookout for a dip and a small creek. I’ve seen turtles cross here before.

As you walk along, look for a trail that heads down into some wetlands. It will be on your left.

Leash Alert: Leash your dog if you choose to head down to the wetlands path. There are swans, geese, and other birds usually hanging out here. (And a sign that says to leash your dog.)

On the wetlands trail (which can become very muddy in spring or after a rain) you will be walking closely hemmed in by thick bushes on either side (I’m sure there is a name for this kind of path, and if anyone knows what it is, please contact me). This is a great place to find bird’s nests in the fall after they have been vacated.

This path will take you to the end of the trail, which is a dirt cul-de-sac with a small access point to Miacomet Pond on your left. You can continue on here to the beach via a dirt road. If you choose to do this, leash your dog in summer, as the road can be very busy with beach goers. In the winter, it’s not a very well-traveled road. It’s a lovely walk any time of year, with Miacomet Pond to your left. Look for birds, especially red-winged blackbirds, in the reeds.

If you choose not to walk all the way to the beach, follow the loop to the right and this will take you back to your car along a higher dirt path.


The lower wetlands path.

Old machine building at start of wetlands path. I bet owls live in here.