Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.

Nantucket Dog Walk


Norwood Farm

Nantucket Conservation Foundation and Nantucket Land Bank

Grassy trails, recently cut brush paths, forests, wetlands

Few to no Dogs

Walk 1, no shade

Walk 2, about half shaded

One hour walk

One of the best new dog walks I’ve found in a long time! This 207 acre parcel recently purchased by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and the Nantucket Land Bank meanders over grassy paths, small streams and through shady woods and sunny fields. To read more about this property, go here.

There are at least two entrances to this walk and so at least two walks to describe.

Walk 1: The easiest entrance and walk begins right at 243 Polpis Road. Head out of town on the Polpis Road and at 3.7 miles from the rotary, pull to the right where the bike path makes a little cut to the right. Follow this to nearly the end and turn right into a parking lot.

There is a very wide, clear path that goes in a complete circle. Out of the parking lot you can go straight or you can go left. Stick to the main trail and go in a circle right back to the parking lot.

Walk 2: To find the 2nd entrance, head out of town on the Polpis Road and take a right onto Almanac Pond Road. Follow this road until you find a Nantucket Land Bank marker at .7 miles on the right. Park here.

NOTE: This walk may not be passable in the spring and summer. The forest trails are very narrow. Once grown in, they may not be visible. However, NLB and NCF both have plans to create more trails throughout the Norwood Farm property in the future.

From here, there are a few options. I recommend you take the path from the parking lot and keep bearing to the right. You will go over some rough-cut shrub paths that might be hard if you have a short-posted dog like I do, but everyone did ok on these parts of the trail. You will come to house on your right, and just keep following this path, bearing slightly right. There will be one time when you bear right that leads no where fast, so turn around and and take the left instead. I love the varied terrain here. There are streams with bridges, planks, and sometimes just jumping points. There are grassy fields, the remnants of an old stone wall running along a portion of the trail, bogs, and gorgeous trees with room to stretch their branches.

If you stay to what is (most times) obviously the trail, you will do a large loop (hooking up with Walk 1) that brings you right back to the parking lot. There are a few off-shoots on the way that are probably just deer paths, but they are fun to explore, too.

That Nantucket has such treasures as these protected properties is probably my number one favorite thing about our wonderful island.