Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.

Nantucket Dog Walk


Ruddick Commons

Sconset Land Trust

Grassy trails, recently cut brush paths, scrub oak

Few to no Dogs

Very little shade

30 minute walk

A brand new dog walk for Nantucket!

Download the trail map here. Be sure to print the map and bring it along, as there are no trail maps at the site,  or feel free to wander down each trail as we did.

To get there, take the Milestone Road out toward ‘Sconset. As you see the water tower on your right (just before you get to it), there is a ‘Sconset Trust marker on your left. This is the parking lot.

This walk is new as of the summer of 2014. Read more about its history here. Some of the trails are freshly cut, and if you have a short-posted dog, as I do, it may get a little uncomfortable for them on some of the trails. Other trails are mown grass.

Somewhat like a new build in a housing development, this walk lacks a little in the character department. No crown molding or built-ins here: this walk has no interesting terrain and no views. For all that, I’m grateful to have more open land that is available for all to use, and no doubt in time it will grow into itself.

As for the walking, we decided to go right at every intersection from the parking lot. This eventually took us, via a narrow path between several houses, to the Burnell Street entrance, so we turned around and took some other trails, which took us to the Plainfield Road entrance, and then looped back around to the parking lot.

It’s always fun finding a new walk, but I wasn’t thrilled with the road noises, how close this walk was to many houses, and the rough cut paths. I think it will be a good dog walk for people who live in ‘Sconset, but I confess it won’t be one of my regulars. . .