Nantucket Dog Walk

Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.


Nantucket Conservation Foundation

Grasslands, small forests, meadows

Lots of dogs

Very little shade

To see Nantucket Conservation Foundation map of Sanford Farm, go here. This map is also available in a box at the start of the walk. The trail is well marked with interpretive markers, arrows and numbers, and is well described on the above map, so I won’t go into a lot of detail about the actual trails.

Sanford Farm is a very popular walk. You will see people, dogs, whole summer camps of kids, baby strollers, and bikes. It’s popular for a reason—it’s a beautiful walk over different terrains with great views and allows for a 6 mile (round-trip) walk that ends up at the beach. It’s a place where you might see turtles in season, hawks, osprey, and other wildlife. It’s right off of Madaket Road, accessible by the bike path, so it’s easy to get to. Many people know about it. So. . . if you don’t mind rubbing elbows with other walkers (in the high season), then this is definitely a walk to check out. If you have a dog who doesn’t like kids, is afraid of joggers or bikes, then choose a less populated walk.

For dogs who need a lot of exercise, this is a walk where there are long stretches of open path and fields for them to really blow out their carburetors by running with you, another dog, or by fetching a Chuckit. It’s also a trail on which you could ride your bike while your dog runs alongside you.

The parking lot has a poop bag dispenser (as well as trash receptacles to make a deposit on the way out).

Leash Alert: Hummock Pond has had some algae issues that were hazardous to dogs. Always check the water quality before letting your dog drink from or play in the pond. Any dark green or blueish algae is a sign that it may not be safe for dogs.

Dog Paw Alert: In the last year, they have laid sharp gravel over most of the main path here. One of my dogs hates this substrate and does anything he can not to have to walk on it. If you have a dog who has tender feet, this is not the walk for you.

Sanford Farm