Nantucket Dog Walk

Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.


Sanford Farm West I

Nantucket Land Bank Property

Well mown paths through shrubs and meadows

Few dogs

Little shade

25 minute walk

Main loop: 1.3 miles

To view a map of this walk, go here and look at Trail #5. You can download a Land Bank map of this trail here.

Take Madaket Road heading out of town. About 3/10 of a mile from Eel Point Road (which is on your right), look for Barrett Farm Road on your left. Turn left at the intersection of Madaket Road and Barrett Farm Road, cross over the bike path and into the large parking lot.

If you walk left from the parking lot, this trail connects to Sanford Farm West II. But I am describing the path to the right. Walk right out of the parking lot, heading straight as you walk by a large swathe of mowed grass to your left. Then take a right at the next fork. At the very next fork you can take either a right up a small hill or a left, but since this is a loop trail, either way is fine. The right path runs parallel to Barrett Farm Road.

Follow the mown path over gentle hills through brush and small trees. Along the trail you may see deer stands in the trees. They DO hunt here in season, so take the usual precautions. You will also see off the trail a large divot with some stones—an old house foundation.

As you near the tip of the loop, you come to a small gap in the bushes with a trail marker. This path leads to the dirt Barrett Farm Road. If you want a longer walk, and your dogs are either on leash or under voice command, take a left and follow this dirt road along until you come to another grassy mown path. This walk is connected to the Barrett Farm Road Trail (go here for that map), so there are many, many paths you can take. Or you can just continue on the loop and back to your car.

On hot sunny days, go in the early morning and bring water for your dogs. This path only offers small spots of shade here and there. The rest is in full sun.