Nantucket Dog Walk

Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.


Managed by Nantucket Land Bank

Sandy Shore around a pond   

Sandy Beach

Few Dogs

No shade

I only do this walk in the off season, since it’s a popular family spot during the summer months.

This pond encompasses over 250 acres and is the biggest of Nantucket’s ponds. For a Land Bank map of this property, go here. To learn more about this pond and some of its history, go here.

To find Sesachacha (pronounced “SACK a juh”) Pond, take Polpis Road toward Sconset. Take a left onto the Quidnet Road and follow it until you come to a four-way stop. Take a right. This road leads to a little village and the pond, the beach and a parking lot. Park here.

This walk is a combination pond walk and beach walk, and I usually start with the pond, so take the sandy path that’s a few yards up the road from the parking lot. Head left once you get to the pond shore, which you will find is littered with rocks and shells the further along the ocean side that you walk. And though I’ve never found one here myself, there are rumored to be arrowheads aplenty.

Leash Alert. As you head south along the pond shore, you get closer to Polpis Road. The pond at this point is very close to the road, so if you have a dog that might run off, leash up here.

Sesachacha offers a good view of Sankaty Light and its protected nature makes it a great spot to enjoy a picnic or sunset while the dogs scavenge.

When you finish with the pond walk, head over to Quidnet Beach via the cut for a longer walk along a sandy beach.

Sesachacha Pond