Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.

Nantucket Dog Walk


Shawkemo Hills

Nantucket Lank Bank Property

Dirt Roads and Paths

Some shade

Few dogs

Loop described below: 1.7 miles, though there are many different ways of doing this walk.

Shawkemo Hills is not just many walks in one, but it is one of the many entrances to the Middle Moors as well as the terminus of the Polpis Forest walk. It offers water views and actual hills. For a map of this area, go here.

To find the trail marker, head out of town on the Polpis Road. After North Pasture Lane on your right, 2.1 miles from the rotary, look for the Land Bank marker and parking area on your right. There are 4-5 white painted concrete posts that I use as a landmark.

Leash Alert. Because the parking lot is right off the Polpis Road, you may want to leash up before getting out of the car.

This area offers many, many different options for walks: short, long and getting-lost long. What follows is just one of the possibilities.

Leave the parking lot and head up the trail. Take your first left and at the first fork, bear left again. Follow this trail, not taking any side trails, going over gentle hills until the trail peters out at a dirt road. Here is a scenic overlook that includes the harbor and on a clear day the Great Point lighthouse.

After admiring the scenery for a bit, go right on the dirt road (if you are looking out at the lighthouse, the road is directly in back of you) and follow it for about 2/10s  of a mile until the trail picks up again between two wooden posts with red reflectors on them. Follow this path, staying straight, not taking any side trails. You will come to one more hill that offers more scenery. Then follow this path until you come back to the path that lead out from the parking lot. Take a right and head back to your car

And the next time you come, take one of the side paths and see where you end up!