Nantucket Dog Walk

Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.


Smith’s Point

Public Beach

Sandy Shore

Few Dogs

No shade

One of the most beautiful places on the island, among so many beautiful places, Smith’s Point is a rare charmer that offers both a north-facing (calm) and south-facing (waves) beach to walk on with a nice cut-through so that you can do both in one walk. It is located in Madaket, at the western-most end of the island.

To find this beach walk, take the Madaket Road all the way to the end until you have to take a right. Follow Ames Avenue over a small bridge, then take a left at the end. Follow this to a four-way stop, take a right, then a left at the end and park by a small town hut. There is not a ton of parking here, so you have to go early morning in summer or any time during the off-season.

The path to the beach is directly behind the hut. Once on the beach, turn left. Follow the north shore of the beach along hard packed sand. Look for conch shells, which are plentiful here. The water is shallow in some spots and water-loving dogs may want to hop right in for a swim. Depending on the tide, there may be some great tide pools, too.

Leash Alert: As the dune to your left gives way to a flat area between the north and south sides, a lot of the beach may be roped off to walkers because of nesting plovers. Leash your dog here.

At this point, you can either look for a cut-through to the south side between these ropes or you can keep going straight and make your way over to Esther Island, usually connected to Smith’s Point by a small sandy strip of land. You can walk the whole loop of the island, or explore a little and then turn around and walk back on the south shore.

The south side of Smith’s Point is a beautiful white sandy beach only accessible by car (or a longish hike in). Head east and it will take you back to Massachusetts Ave., where you parked.

Ike navigates the eel grass on the north side of Smith’s Point in Madaket.