Nantucket Dog Walk

Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.


Nantucket Land Bank Property

Well marked meadow trails

Some dogs

No shade

20 minute walk

Main loop: 1.25 miles

Take Surfside Road out of town and turn right onto South Shore Road. Follow this road all the way to the very end. Directly in front of you is the waste water treatment facility, and on your right is a Land Bank marker and parking lot.

To view a map of this trail, go here, and look to the right and a little below the map of the Miacomet Pond Trail (#7). The trail is marked in red and there is a “T” marking the trail head.

This trail is very well marked. As you leave the parking lot, you will see houses lining the path to the right. These are occupied in the summer months, so if you have a curious dog, it may be a good idea to leash up at this point.

After this straight stretch (for approx. 1/4 mile), the path takes a left away from the houses. If you prefer at this point to go to the beach, continue straight. You will see several dirt roads branching out towards Miacomet. Pick one, and off you go.

If you stay on the marked grassy trail, you will now be looping to the left in a circle back to your car. Be on the lookout for the highest point on the walk, where there is a sweet view of both Miacomet Pond and Miacomet Beach.

In July, blueberries and blackberries are abundant here. Just be sure to wash berries thoroughly when you get home—it is a favorite dog walking spot after all.

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