Nantucket Dog Walk

Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.


Squam Swamp

Ike brazenly flaunting the “no-dog” rule, before we both knew better.

Nantucket Conservation Property

Stumpy, boggy forest

99% Shade

40 minute walk

Dogs Prohibited

OK, I know this is a site dedicated to dog walks, but I just learned that this walk, which my dogs and I have been taking for years, is actually closed to dogs. I completely understand why certain areas of Nantucket need to be preserved for wildlife, unmolested by marauding dogs, so it’s fine with me. But it was also news to me. Regardless, don’t let the fact that you can’t bring your dog on this walk prevent you from going yourself. It’s a great area with much to offer (and there are dogs there all the time).

You can find more information about this trail here, and pick up an interpretive map at the head of the trail.

Take Polpis Road out of town until you get to the Wauwinet Road on your left. Take this road for approximately 1.5 miles and follow it until you see Pocomo Road on your left and then a Nantucket Conservation Marker and parking lot on your right (at about #70 if there were a house around here). Ample parking.

Pick up a pamphlet and follow the one-mile trail, which is clearly marked with numbered posts that correspond to your interpretive map. Lots of great information. Take your time and really look around. Some of the things you will see: one of Nantucket’s few deciduous forests, boardwalk bridges, a fairy garden, ferns, a walnut tree (specifically a mockernut hickory), turtles, snakes, mosses, frogs, and vernal pools.

Because this is a swampy area, mosquitos can be fairly bad during some parts of the summer. Fall is the absolute best time to visit.