Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.

Nantucket Dog Walk


State Forest—Polpis

State Forest

Dirt Paths

All shade

Few dogs

Heading out of town on the Polpis Road, at about .1 miles, look carefully to your right after you pass the old Islander Liquor Store site for an almost hidden dirt road. Take this road and park in one of the pull-off spots. This is the old site of the paddle board courts. Once on foot, cross over the bike path to get to the trail.

This walk is a straight shot through old pine forests. It’s a one-laner, single file only. I like that this is a straight shot. It gives you time to get into a walking rhythm with not a lot to disrupt your stride.

At about .25 miles you will come to where the new Polpis water tower road bisects the trail. Keep going straight. This path then actually meets up with and shares a portion of the trail with the Milestone Loop trail. You can either take that right and walk in there a while or keep heading straight.

If you keep going straight, and keep going, and keep going, you eventually come to the Polpis Road. Along this straight path will be little loops to the right or left that you can explore. Near the end of the path you will be walking in back of Polpis houses. Once you hit the Polpis Road, turn around and head back the way you came.