Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.

Nantucket Dog Walk


Tom Nevers Field and Beach

Nantucket Land Bank Managed (Beach)

Town Property (Field)   

Sandy Beach

Grassy Field

Cement Skating Rink

Some Dogs

No shade

If you have a social dog and one that likes to run, this can be a great play area. Not technically a dog park, it can sometimes turn into one if you meet up with a bunch of your dog-loving friends and let everyone have at it.

To get there, at the Rotary take the Milestone Road to Tom Nevers Road. Take Tom Nevers Road all the way to the very end and then follow the dirt road around the play fields. Take your second left into the parking lot (you will see a skating rink). Park here.

There is a semi-enclosed large grassy ball field that dogs often run in. Groups of dogs can meet up here for a little social time. There is also a skating rink that is completely enclosed if you have a dog that needs to blow off steam but will absolutely run away if not confined.

After letting your dog have some social and/or off-leash time, head down to the water for a long beach walk. Tom Nevers beach is on the south shore, kind of out of the way, and not many people seem to know about it. You can walk for miles in either direction. To see the Land Bank map of this beach, go here.

Photo courtesy of Valerie Gosselin

Photo courtesy of Valerie Gosselin