Nantucket Dog Walk

Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.


Nantucket Conservation Foundation Property

Dirt Paths

Dogs Aplenty!

No shade

Main loop with path to overlook: 1 mile

For a detailed map of the trail go here.

Head out of town along Cliff Road. Follow Cliff past Crooked Lane (which will be on your left) for about 1/4 mile. On your right there will be a Nantucket Conservation Foundation marker and a parking lot.

If it is 4pm on any given weekday, the lot will be full. This is when locals bring their dogs for some social time. If you’d like your dog to have some experience with other dogs, this is a great time to go!

If you have a dog that doesn’t like other dogs, I would avoid this particular walk.

This is a walk with many wide open spaces, so it also lends itself well to throwing a ball for your dog. Bring the chuckit and have at it.

The walk itself is easy and short, over very well-groomed dirt paths (though the beginning of the path is now gravel). It is mostly a loop with one off-shoot that brings you out to a cliff with great views of the sound.

The parking lot has a poop bag dispenser (as well as trash receptacles to make a deposit on the way out).

Leash Alert: There is no beach access—unless you are a dog. At the end of the off-shoot path, there is a very, very steep cliff down to the beach. Many dogs HAVE accessed this beach by heading down this precipitous cliff! I always leash my dogs when I get close to this end of the walk.

Dog Paw Alert: In the last year, they have laid sharp gravel over most of the main path here. One of my dogs hates this substrate and does anything he can not to have to walk on it. If you have a dog who has tender feet, this is not the walk for you.

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