Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.

Nantucket Dog Walk


Warren’s Landing

Nantucket Conservation Foundation/Land Bank Property


No shade

Few dogs

To see the basic area of this beach walk, go here and look at Jackson’s Point. The walk is more towards Warren’s Landing. This is a beach walk that can be done only at low tide (or it becomes a swim/walk), so be sure to check the tide chart before heading out. It is well worth the effort though, as you have views of Madaket Harbor, Smith’s Point, Eel Point and Esther Island.

To find the walk, head toward Madaket on the Madaket Road. Take a right onto North Cambridge Street and follow it as it turns into Little Neck Way. However, keep right on Little Neck Way and quickly after you see Blue Heron Way on your right, there will be a Land Bank sign and parking lot on your right. Park here.

Head down the small boardwalk and take a right. Shortly after you start walking on the beach, there will be a place where you must ford the water. If you have dogs that love the water, great. If not, you may be doing some doggie portage. Keep walking along the beach as far as you want. At low tide, you can walk to Eel Point, if you don’t mind a lot more fording.

Be mindful of the time and the tide as you walk. It can come up quickly and those shallow fordings you did on the walk in will become swims on the way back!

This is a good beach to find horseshoe crab shells and conch shells (just be sure the residents have moved out before collecting!)