Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.

Nantucket Dog Walk


Washing Pond Beach

Nantucket Land Bank Managed   

Hard packed beach

Few Dogs

No shade

Best for short dog walks and shell-finding, this is a south-facing beach with no waves and some good tide pools.

Go here to see the Land Bank map.

To get there, head out of town on Cliff Road. You will pass Crooked Lane on your left, then Tupancy Links on your right. At .3 miles after Tupancy, look for Washing Pond Road on your right. Drive down this winding road for .4 miles (to the mail box numbered 34) and you will see a slight right down a dirt road. Take this and you will end up at a sandy parking lot.

We used to call this “on-call” beach because it was the only beach that the veterinarians and techs could safely go to if they were on-call at the hospital. Others call it Water Tower Beach because of the big white water tower on the way there.

There is usually a lot of detritus on the beach here, including conks and whelks, whelk egg casings, and all manner of shells.

The beach ends at a retaining wall that at low tide you can skirt to get in some more beach walking.

At low tide, you can walk around this rock wall to another beach.

The pond for which this beach was named.