Nantucket Dog Walk

Walk. Walk your dog. Walk Nantucket.


Windswept Bogs

Nantucket Conservation and Land Bank Properties

Cranberry Bogs and Forest

Some dogs

Shade in forest only

To read more about the Windswept bogs, go here. And to see some of the trails, see this map and look in the upper right hand corner.

Take Polpis Road out of town. After passing Wauwinet Road on your left (approx. 6 miles from the rotary), start looking for a Nantucket Conservation Foundation marker on your right. Drive into a large parking lot. From here, you have options, options, and more options for which paths to take, so it’s easiest if you download the above mentioned maps and take one along with you.

There is a lot to like about this walk: different terrains, different lengths of walks, a great pond, active bee hives, cranberries . . . I could go on and on.

This can be a long walk if you want. (In fact, I once took what I now call the “never-ending walk” because we could have gone on endlessly through the moors. We finally turned around and came back the way we came in.) You can also do whatever loops and paths you want and time it to your energy level and schedule.

Some options: There are of course the bogs themselves, which have mown grass paths surrounding them. There are about ten or so of these. These are great for letting your dog do long straight runs to release some energy. Traversing these paths alone would take you about 30 minutes.

The Stump Pond trail takes you into in the forest along the right side of Stump Pond. This is a fun, tree rooted, boggy, tangled walk. The absolute best time for this pond walk is the fall, when the mosquitos are dormant and the leaves are turning on the deciduous trees. Look for turtles and frogs in the pond. If you’ve chosen this path, you can take a right at the end and head back via Almanac Pond Road past a horse farm.

If you take the trail on the left side of the Stump Pond, it leads to the never-ending moor walk. This is beautiful, too. About 1/4 mile in or so there is a large tree in the forest that would make the quintessential picnic spot.

Leash Alerts: Two places on this walk are possible leash alerts. The bogs closest to Polpis Road as you begin (or end) your walk, are very close to houses. One of these houses has a flock of chickens and/or guinea hens. If you have a dog that chases fowl, leash up along this bog. Additionally, when doing the Stump Pond walk, if you take the right onto the dirt road, you will pass by a horse farm. If you have dogs who will bother horses or run into that yard, leash up.

At certain times of the year, the bogs will be closed due to flooding and at other times due to pesticide application.

Stump Pond